Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kiddie Pool

The boys combined their left over birthday money and purchased a swimming pool. Yesterday morning was beautiful and sunny so we filled the pool (with warm water from the kitchen, it wasn't that warm outside yet) and the boys splashed and played all morning. Ummm...yeah. Jordan didn't want to wear his swimming suit. He told me, "I want my tummy to swim too."

Sam had so much fun that after we dried off and got dressed he made his way back outside and played in the pool some more.

P.S. I'm glad we got out and played in the yard all morning because out of nowhere it started pouring rain. Weird weather.


Stephanie said...

So cute. I love that Jordan is running around with a blimp and a bear bum.

Janene said...

These pool party pics made me laugh! Glad the boys had such a blast before the pouring rain!