Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I broke our little point-and-shoot camera. I left it on the hood of our truck and we ran it over. I am not doing so well with our cameras lately! I'm still waiting for our big camera to come back from Best Buy. They won't give me a specific date, but I am hoping it's before Halloween. Seriously, my heart will break if it's not. (Yes, when it comes to not taking pictures, I am a drama queen!)

Anyway, this is another post without a picture because I don't have any new ones. Luckily we still have a working video camera so I can capture cute moments on video. Now let me knock on wood that I won't kill that one too.

Last week Jordan was watching Little Bill on Nick Jr. Little Bill is a cute little African American boy (I actually think the series is written by Bill Cosby, and it's supposed to be him when he was little). Well, Jordan was watching silently for a minute and then matter of factly says, "Mom, Little Bill is different from me." I was a little shocked and said, "Yeah, how is Little Bill different?" Jordan said, "Because he's little Bill and I'm big Jordan!"

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