Saturday, March 19, 2011

5th Anniversary

Benji and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last week on the 17th. We love that our anniversary is on a holiday because no matter where we go there is always a party. Then again, we don't drink, so maybe we picked the wrong holiday.

Anyway, I've decided I need to find a pretty green dress so when we go out for our anniversary I still am wearing green while looking good. I've also decided I need to start celebrating St. Patrick's day with my kids on the 16th, so they still get green food and leprechaun tricks and fun stuff.

Anyway, we woke up on the 17th and took the kids to Denny's for breakfast.

Benji ordered a hot chocolate and as soon as the waitress brought it our boys were SO jealous. So we had to order hot chocolates for all!

I don't know why, but Sam has to open his mouth this wide to get the straw in each time.

Benji and I also got married during March Madness. Since we both love sports it's fun to celebrate our day by watching games, but this year our anniversary was the same day as the BYU and Utah State game. So we had to go on our date in the afternoon so we could make it home in time for the games. I shared my anniversary with Jimmer and Tai Wesley and that's just fine.

My mom came up to watch our boys and we went to Olive Garden and a movie. We had a great day...except the Aggies lost. :(
Yes, we have Netflix! :) (That's the first thing I look at when I look at this picture)


kelseyluella said...

those pictures of jordan are so adorable! Oh my heck he is a stud! Wow!

Doran & Jody said...

What a fun anniversary.

We did watch the Aggies play but we did NOT miss BYU. Woot!!!

Steph said...


A.G. Hadfield said...

What great photos & a fun day!

Mogie said...

What a cute couple, Happy Anniversity. (Sorry that ended up being for your birthday and anniversity.)

Mogie said...

I think Sammy is gagging on his straw.