Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our attempt at sledding

We didn't ever get around to going sledding in December or January when there was tons of snow on the ground. After it melted I promised Jordan that after the next snowstorm I would take him sledding. There was a big snowstorm one night in February, so the next morning I bundled the boys up and we went to the nearest park to go sledding.Unfortunately, the snow was so heavy that the sled would not move even one inch. The boys cried and cried when I told them we would have to try another day. Here's our poor pathetic sled stuck in the snow.

I felt awful, but it was such a beautiful day and we were the first people to be at the park so we had a wide open field of fresh snow, so to try and make it up to them I told them to run as fast as they could through the snow. They enjoyed that and I think they forgot about the sled for awhile.
I love when it snows all night and is sunny and blue skies the next day. That's how this day was and it was gorgeous! I had my little point-and-shoot camera so I didn't take many pictures because they didn't do it justice, but just know it was gorgeous.


kelseyluella said...

hahaha. I died of laughter after I read, "they cried and cried" hahahahah.So funny! But the pictures of them running away from the camera are awesome!

kelseyluella said...

I also like in the running picture that it is evident that Sam sat in snow and how Jordan has a big snowy ball hanging from his pants?

kelseyluella said...

AND! I love how Jordan has to have his toy blimp on the sled with him too.

Doran & Jody said...

This was a great running day too. The snow was off the roads and steam was coming off them. It looked like we were running in clouds.