Monday, June 13, 2011

Ice cream

My local grocery store was having a huge drawing on Saturday. There were many different prizes so when my phone rang early Saturday morning I knew it was them. They called to inform me I had won a years supply of ice cream! I was so excited, but didn't know how they were going to award such a prize.

When I went to collect my prize they gave me a stack of 52 vouchers for free ice cream.

Seriously, the stack is over an inch thick.

I went to go get strawberry (pink) ice cream today to celebrate baby girl. I can get either Farr's brand or Russell's brand ice cream and I noticed that the cartons were two different sizes. So I went up front to ask them what size I can get with the voucher. They said it just has to be under $7, SO that means I can get any size of ice cream which means I could get 52 BUCKETS of the stuff. Seriously, what an awesome prize for a pregnant woman to win! ;)

Then when I went to serve up the ice cream I realized why I won. On Friday (the day before the drawing), I bought this:

Meant to be? I think so!


kelseyluella said...

I'm coming to your house first thing on my way back to Logan...

Camille and Paul said...

You can donate a carton of moose tracks to me any time! :) You are such a lucky girl! :)

Bob said...

my fav. is brownies on the moon.