Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We went to Gateway last week to play in the fountains, have lunch with Benji and to get check ups at the dentist. My boys didn't love the fountains as much as I thought. In fact, Sam didn't like them at all, but Jordan enjoyed his time there. He started out running around inside the fountains, but later took the more cautious approach of running laps around the perimeter.

This is the only picture I have of Sam playing in the water:

The rest of the time he spent crying in the stroller. I think he was exhausted, and he maybe had sunscreen in his eyes.

I went with my cousin, Camille and my cousin's wife, Emmy. It was much more fun to take pictures of their kids because they were having fun in the water.

This is my cousin's mini-me, Jayne. She is super sweet and always happy.

I looked over at Jordan at one point and he was laughing and having a great time, so I grabbed my camera to get some pictures:

Come to find out he was really just laughing at the boy in front of him sitting on one of the fountains. Jordan found this to be hilarious for some reason...

Then we had Jordan's teeth checked. While Benji was brushing Jordan's teeth the other night he noticed a small cavity in his mouth. Benji was pretty distraught, I guess when a dentist finds a cavity in the mouth of his own child it's pretty devastating....

So, he checked Jordan's teeth, and they seem to be fine, we just rescheduled to put some sealants on his teeth.


Benji said...

No cavities! But I had to get a good look using the bright light to be sure. I'm still a successful fatherdentist.

kelseyluella said...

A) Jayne is super cute! I still have never seen her.
B) I love the pictures of Jordan getting a checkup from his dad. So cute!
C) I love love love the pictures of Jordan laughing at the kid!! haha. Like LOVE them!
D) I just had to write a paper describing my hopes for a future child... here was my paper... "I want a son just like my nephew Jordan." That's all I needed.