Friday, June 17, 2011

Jordan's birthday party!

This is the post I was dreading while I was sick. I took so many pictures at Jordan's birthday that I knew this would take a long time to post. I've been putting it off long enough and I think I'm finally ready to tackle the hundreds of pictures. Now I know you aren't all going to want to look at 50 pictures of my son's birthday party, but here it is.

So because there are so many photos I think I'll just explain the party and then add all the millions of pictures, then I won't spend even more time captioning each picture.

Jordan wanted a blimp birthday party and I am here to tell you it is a challenging birthday to plan because nobody makes blimp party items. Nobody. I had to make everything myself so it took a lot of planning, but I had so much fun doing it and the outcome was adorable so I was pretty happy. Not to mention Jordan was ecstatic. I loved seeing how happy he was with his party, it definitely made it worth it.

I first had to figure out how I was going to decorate for a blimp party, so I projected Good Year blimps on my wall and traced them onto newsprint purchased at the Box Elder News Journal for 75 cents a roll. (I am still using the same roll for wrapping paper! It's been worth the few cents for it.) I colored the blimps, cut them out and hung them all over the house. I made a blimp pinata, bought Good Year colored balloons (at the request of Jordan) and my mom made awesome posters of Jordan holding blimps. We gave Jordan an inflatable blimp earlier in the morning and then used it as a decoration above the food table. I made a blimp cake and used fondant for the first time! I also made my own blimp cookie cutter since I couldn't find one anywhere, it ended up looking more like a submarine, but it was cool to find out I can make a cookie cutter whenever i need to!

It took me a long time to think of a game to play and we ended up doing an easter egg hunt, but I told everyone they were little blimps. I was going to take the time and glue little foam fins on the eggs so they looked more like blimps, but I had 200 eggs and didn't even want to bother.

It was a fun day!

my homemade blimp cookie cutter

Oh man, I shouldn't have looked at this picture, I want pickles! :)

Waiting for his present from mom and dad
He was excited!

So excited!!

For his brand new blimp!

I was expecting around 20 kids, so when only 6 showed up, I had to limit their easter eggs to 10 each because I hid about 200!

I'm so happy my sister came to help me, she threw together some last minute relay races for the kids. She is wonderful!


I couldn't find out candles anywhere, so we lit a kabob skewer and he blew that out. Yeah, that's how we roll.

I didn't get a lot of picture of him opening presents, but I got some of him hugging people who gave him presents.

After the party my ninja husband did what he does:

And then Jordan tried to copy him! :)
I can't believe my sweet Jordan is already four!!


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Stephanie said...

I like the ninja kicking pictures. Such a cute fun party!

Mindy said...

Now I want pickles too. Annnd, I am putting you in charge of my next birthday party. It is Sept. 18th. Thanks.

Steph said...

Quite possibly the coolest birthday party ever. You put all the rest of us to shame.