Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jordan's new words

Jordan has been quite the little parrot lately. He copies a lot of the words we say. Just today he said, pillow (powwow), clock, phone, turkey, and cow for the first time.
One of my favorite new words he says is, "mole." He says it perfectly, and his mouth goes into a funny 'O' shape when he says it. He has one little mole on his ankle, and he loves to find it and point to it. While he was in the bath yesterday we asked where his mole was and he pointed to it and said, "there it is." It was so weird to hear him say a little sentence perfectly.
Unfortunately, his favorite word to say is, "pee-pee." He giggles every time he says it. He thinks he is such a comedian. I'm trying not to laugh when he says it, but it sounds cute, so it's tough not to.
He also enjoys pointing out Carlos Boozer on his Jazz poster. He calls him, "Boo." He was way excited when he saw Boozer playing basketball for Team USA on tv, and pointed out "Boo" whenever he saw him.
We're trying to get him to chant, "USA, USA, USA!" by the end of the Olympics. As of right now he just laughs, we'll let you know if we succeed.

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