Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009--You were GREAT!!


My friend Stephanie and her husband visited and we had fun at San Diego Zoo and Disneyland.

Benji passed boards!!

We spent a lovely afternoon at Santa Monica with a group of friends. I can't remember what it's like to wear shorts and go to the beach in winter! I do remember it's pretty nice. :)

We went to Disneyland a few more times.


Superbowl XLIII

We waited an hour and a half for a free grand slam.

It was actually pretty rainy in California, so we went to the mall almost every day to play and get some exercise.

Benji received his white coat. Yay for Dr. Hadfield!

I turned 25 and had a delicious cheesecake for my birthday.
My brother and dad visited from Utah. My brother laughed at my large belly.


Benji and I celebrated our third anniversary.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm.

We went to San Diego.


We watched General Conference on the computer.


We went to the beach for Jordan's birthday.

Jordan turned 2!


We welcomed our sweet Samuel into our family on May 1.

My mom came to help out at our house for about 5 days.

Benji's mom came and helped out at our house for a week.

We went to dental prom.

Benji graduated!


We traveled to Utah for Benji's sister's wedding. Congrats Jessie and Mike!

Benji finished all of his requirements at school AND Benji's shirt got 200 fans on facebook, so we celebrated both accomplishments by going out to eat.

We went to the beach for the last time while living in California...

We went to Aquarium of the Pacific.

We started boxing up all of our stuff for the move to Utah.

We celebrated Benji's birthday by going to the Lincoln Shrine in Redlands.

Jordan cost us $20 in acetone, a big huge headache, and earned himself a LONG timeout.

We packed up everthing,

loaded it in a Budget truck,

and moved to Brigham City, Utah.


Second annual Camp Hillary.

We all went to a demolition derby in Logan.

Jordan got a big boy bed.

We went to my cabin in Fairview with the Gourley clan to celebrate Pioneer Day.

Benjamin Hadfield D.D.S. started working!


Samuel was blessed.

We went to the Aggie Blue and White game.

Benji went fishing every chance he got, and one day he caught this crazy huge fish.


Sam started eating solids.

We went to Box Elder County fair. We even won a few ribbons for our photos!

I went to the Utah State Fair with my kids and my mom. Jordan loved all of the fun rides.

The weather was beautiful, we went to the park every day.

We went to a BYU game.

Then out of no where it snowed in the mountains.


We celebrated my nephew's holiday--hat day. It was fun.
Benji took Jordan on some fun turn-outs....

It snowed for the first time.

I helped throw a baby shower for my friend Stephanie.



Benji caught his pride and joy.

We went to Promontory and rode a tractor.

We went to Hogle Zoo with my cousin Camille and her son Jackson.

Benji took Jordan on more fun turn-outs.....

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Hadfields.


Sam started crawling.

We made ornaments.

Jordan got a haircut.

We celebrated Christmas with many different parties and with everyone we love most.
We had a wonderful Christmas full of magic and fun!

This year was a crazy year full of many changes, but it was such a great year for us. We're excited to see what's in store for us in 2010! Happy New Year everyone!!


Stephanie said...

How fun.

A.G. Hadfield Images said...

Thanks for all the fun memories - love the photos.

Camille and Paul said...

What a great life! I almost cried looking at the photos. What is wrong with me?