Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you are ever in the market for a super expensive camera, don't forget to buy the warranty. I did, and I am SOOO happy we decided to get it. I took my camera to Best Buy yesterday and they looked up my information, happily took my broken camera, and I will get a new one in a few weeks. The lady at the customer service desk that was helping me told me she wished more people would buy the warranty because she rarely sees smiles like she did on my face, but rather she sees lots of tears all day.

Anyway...because I don't have a camera for a few weeks I won't have a lot to post. So be patient (I'm mostly talking to my sister.)


Chris & Jen Palmer said...

I think its crazy people don't! If you are going to invest in something that you know you will use a lot and it benefit you for a lot time.. pay the extra and get it covered! I'm glad you did!! I was feeling really bad you broke yours but now I'm happy that you'll get a new one soon!

Stephanie said...

You should just make pictures with your words (said in the most cheesy voice ever).
ps Glad you are getting a new one, and hopefully the wild flowers will still be there.

Julie said...

Hip hip hooray!!! In light of Benji's last post on the Dinner Table, I'd like to put in my formal request for you to dress sammy up like a hippie flower child, teach him the peace sign and post a photo shoot for me. That's not too big of a request is it?

kelseyluella said...

bahahaha. it's so true. You have to tell me to be patient. haha