Thursday, September 16, 2010

To do lists

For the past little while I have been feeling like I haven't been getting enough done in the day. Some days I would look at the clock expecting it to be early afternoon and realize it was much later than I thought and it was time to start making dinner. My days are eventful enough with trips to the store, playing with the kids, fixing meals, and the regular chores, but I still went to bed feeling like not much had been accomplished. So, I picked up a composition notebook from Walmart and every night before I go to bed I think about the important things I need to get done the next day. Then as the day goes on I add to the list as needed. I have found that I get great satisfaction in crossing something off a list. I add things on the list like, "take a shower" or "go for a walk" because I know they are things I'm going to do anyway and I add them for the "easy crossoff." I have been going to bed more satisfied in how I spent my time because I actually can see everything I've done. The crazy thing is it seems like my house has stayed cleaner since I started doing this, so I've actually had more time to spend with my kiddos. Anyway, just thought I'd share my new found love for lists. And crossing things off of them.

To do:

Done and done!


kelseyluella said...

I write EVERYTHING on my lists. An i love it cause I used to stress about thing I'd have to do the next day. But if you just write it down, you don't forget you'll have to do it. Don't worry, I'm a big fan too.

Camille and Paul said...

I love writing to do lists daily too! Paul makes fun of me for this. Sometimes I even color coordinate them! :) I have been trying to keep track of it in my planner but sometimes it just ends up on a scratch peice of paper. Maybe I will put mine in a notebook too so that it is all in one place. I felt extremely productive today for starting the laundry, dishes, going on a walk, and being done with a shower by 10:30...but there is still so much to be done!~ :)

I love you!

Janene said...

When you are a busy mom, juggling schedules, it's the only way to stay organized! Plus, it lets you know how much mom's actually get done each day!!!