Friday, September 17, 2010


Do NOT let Kirby vacuum salesmen into you house. Even if they tell you they will clean your dirty, spotted carpet in your hallway. Even if they tell you it won't take long. Even if they tell you are under no obligation to purchase anything. NEVER.

They will stay for 3 hours.


I know from experience.

They wouldn't even leave when we all sat around the table for dinner.

They wouldn't leave when we told them that we weren't going to buy their 2000 dollar vacuum (32 times).

They might even make your house smell like cigarette smoke.

Just don't let them in.


Julie said...

You guys are so nice. I once did that when we were newlyweds because they advertised a free case of soup with every demo. It was ramen noodles. I felt dooped. Mine didn't take that long though. Yikes! I think once in awhile they hit the mother lode. My sister in law ended up buying one. Go figure? Maybe it was so that they would leave?

Mogie said...

You need to come up with some nice but firm comments:

-I had to move from California because I fired a warning shot through the head of the Kirby salesman there.
-I need to let my pitbull out of the backroom, he gets so anxious since his groin attack class last week.
-I'm sorry I have a history of no patience listening to sales presentations, in fact if you try to make me listen, I would be willing to take the consequences of being sent back to prison.
-Image, two door to door salesmen in one day. The first is over in my husbands dental chair with the drill running. My husband keeps asking him, "Is it safe yet?"
-Sammy smells a little funny, would you be a dear and change him for me? (That makes me leave every time.)