Monday, November 22, 2010


Look at this face:
He looks pretty cute and innocent wouldn't you say? Well, that my friends is where Sam has the whole world fooled. He is cute--dang cute if you ask me, but this kid is not so innocent! I sure do love my little trouble-maker and all most of his mischief though.

P.S. This picture was taken the other day when Sam came and told me he wanted to sit on the potty. After sitting on the potty for 10 minutes with no luck we went to the other room to get his diaper and pants back on where he peed all over the floor.


Janene said...

Love that little mischievious face! Makes me laugh just looking at his little "innocent" smile!

Camille and Paul said...

Ha ha. We are right in the middle of this fun too. That would be great if he potty trained at this age! :)
I love your blimp ornaments too.