Tuesday, April 17, 2012

week 13

April 8 -14

One day I was making lasagna for dinner. Sam saw the box of lasagna noodles and immediately wanted them to use as train tracks. I told him he couldn't because I needed to put them in dinner and to just go use the train tracks he has in his toy room. He cried for almost an hour because he was so mad that I wouldn't let him use the noodles. He kept yelling, "but I don't have bumpy tracks!!"

One day I was getting the boys in the truck to go somewhere. A dog ran into our yard and came up to me to say hello. Sam wondered why the dog was in our yard, so Jordan told him, "Sam, he's just on an adventure!"

One day I was getting ready to show the house to a potential buyer and put a movie on for the boys while I cleaned and vacuumed. They were watching The Chipmunk movie and they were loving it. Later on Jordan came upstairs with his head down and a huge frown on his face. I told him he needed to go downstairs because I was about to mop the floor. He was so sad and said he didn't want to go watch the movie anymore. I asked him why and he responded with, "the movie said a bad word and it made my tummy hurt." I'm not exactly sure what they said, but the movie is rated PG, so hopefully it wasn't too bad. It was so cute and innocent though that I went and switched the movie for something different.

We were driving by the fire station one day when Jordan said, "Is that the fire truck store?"

 Jordan has been saving money for a toy at Walmart. It's been fun seeing how excited he is about helping out with extra chores for a quarter or two.  It's been fun teaching him about money and the value of hard work. I think the idea has caught up with him that he can buy anything at the store if he saves enough money for it and has started asking how much everything costs. Our trips to the store have easily doubled in time. The way he asks how much money something costs is, "how bucks is it?" So I will hear over and over, "how bucks is this, mom?" while we are shopping. It's a tiny bit annoying, but so very adorable.

Sam was helping me make dinner one night and said, "I'm going to call lasagna "cheese waffles."

We were driving one day in the truck and I was talking to Sam. I called him Samuel, which I guess I don't do enough because Jordan said, "I didn't know Sam's last name is Ule!?"

Jordan: I want to make a new game called "rock, paper, tape."

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A.G. Hadfield said...

I haven't checked in for awhile - love all the cute stories and pictures'1