Sunday, April 1, 2012

week 11

March 25 - 31 
For whatever reason there are only four quotes this week. Here they are.

We spent an afternoon in Salt Lake last week. While we were there we visited my brother, Todd, and when we were in the car driving away Jordan said with awe in his voice, "Millie and Amelia (his cousins) have special drawers for their jammies and shirts." I had to explain that it's a dresser, and he has one too! :)

One afternoon I stepped on my porch and was delighted to see a row of beautiful flowers in my front yard. A few hours later Jordan and Sam each brought me a handful of those same flowers. They were so excited as they held them out and said, "we brought you flowers because you are pretty!" Seriously, they already know what to say and do if they sense they are in trouble with a female. I'm not sure if that's bad or good. :)

We were looking at swimming pools at Walmart and after I told my boys maybe we would get one of the little plastic ones when it gets warmer, Jordan said, "Actually, the small ones are more expensive because it will probably break, so we should just get a big one."

"I know how they make stickers! They cut magnets into small slices, but a picture on it and then bake it in the oven!" -Scientist Jordan

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Kristin said...

Ha, ha, HA! I love that pool one. I guess he already knows that quality counts.