Tuesday, April 24, 2012

week 14

April 15 - 21

"Mom, Sam keeps following me and I don't want him to."
"He follows you because he loves you."
 *Big drawn-out sigh* "But I have so many important things to do."

Leading up to his birthday Jordan had been waking up and announcing how many days until his birthday. The day before his birthday he woke up and said, "tomorrow is my birthday!" Then he continued with this funny little story, "I will see Ryan tomorrow and he will ask, 'how old are you Jordan?' and I will tell him, 'guess.' He will say, 'ummmmm....21?' and I will say, 'no, guess again.' and then he will say, 'Ummm...five?' and I will say, 'YES! YES! YES!'"

I was telling Jordan about something going on in Salt Lake City. He asked, "is it at the place where we were with all the Germans?" He was talking about Benji's mission reunion we went to last month.

We went to my cousins wedding reception and Jordan tore it up on the dance floor (video to come soon). He looked just like Napoleon Dynamite. I have no idea where he learned his moves. Anyway, when we left he said, "mom, I won at dancing, huh?"

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