Sunday, December 16, 2012

A few pictures of Hannah's birthday party

 Hannah's birthday was a month ago. I wasn't sure how many pictures my blog would let me upload so here are a few picture from her party. These are just some of the decorations, I'll post all of the other pictures later.
We had Hannah's birthday party in a cultural hall at a church. It was nice to have a large space for everyone, but it's not the most beautiful places for a party. My plan was to cover the walls with streamer, but I ran out of time and they would not stay on the walls, no matter what we did. They ended up being super annoying. They did look pretty for a little while though.
You can't see in the picture above, but those bags on the end of the tables are full of sour patch kids and this picture is attached to them.

The tables are decorated with blue wrapping paper, tissue paper flowers in vases, and framed pictures of the birthday girl. I didn't want to have to decorate the whole room so I split it in half with long tables going down the middle, on the back of the tables I attached long sticks with banners attached to those. The one in the middle had pictures of Hannah. Oh, and that big white sheet taped to the wall was used to project a slideshow of Hannah's first year.

She didn't really notice anything except for the bananas on her tray. :)

I'll post more pictures later! They are the better ones because they have all the people in them.

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