Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out of Order

So, I can't post anything right now because my blog is being a silly goose. I ran out of space and I can't post pictures, and seriously, what is blogging without pictures? I thought I solved this issue about 6 months ago when I created another email address because the one I was using was using all of the allotted space. I started posting under that name and everything was great, but now they are saying it's not my email that is out of space, it's my whole blog. This might not make sense, but either way I'm kinda mad I have to pay $5 a year for space. Yeah, you read that right, I'm mad about the five bucks. Baaahhh.

Anyone want to sponsor my blog?


Kristin said...

I read of somebody that had this problem and now uploads her pictures to picasa and then goes from there to the blog. It's not as fast but they don't take up space.

Mindy said...

You can also upload the photos to PhotoBucket and then take the java script from there and place them in your blog post.