Monday, December 17, 2012

Our elf

Here are some of Streamer's recent antics. My kids love him. Hannah even gets excited in the morning to look for him. One morning I went to get her out of her crib and she smiled and yelled, "Elp!" It's so fun to see how excited they get each morning.
Here's Streamer hanging out...

Streamer drew all over our pictures.

He hid at the top of the curtains. (Easiest thing to do, kids thought it was the funniest.)

He brought us a countdown chain with candies, hid in the bird cage with a note explaining everything.

They were curious about the new guy.

He brought the boys new Christmas movies one day.

One day Streamer brought cookies shaped like his head. Yeah, that's kinda weird. 

But they thought it was grrrrrreat!

 One night I totally forgot to move Streamer. I woke up to the kids running down the hall yelling, "Let's find him!" I panicked, but then found him in this vase. It's so great having a husband that has fun with this too!

One day Streamer brought "magic seeds" and "magic glitter".

So they planted them in a bowl of sugar, sprinkled on the magic sprinkles and two days later candy canes appeared! They were a little disappointed because they thought they would turn into venus fly traps.

 Just hanging out in a sugar bowl.

On December 1st Streamer brought us a North Pole breakfast to celebrate December.

He brought "Christmas lights cereal" (Fruity Pebbles), "Snowballs" (powdered donuts), "elf oranges" (Clementines...get it they're small oranges), and hot chocolate.

More pictures of Streamer to come.

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Kelsey said...

I'd never heard of elf on the shelf until this year and all of the sudden I swear everyone has one. But I love it! I think it's so cute!