Monday, December 17, 2012

Hannah's first birthday

Hannah turned one on a Wednesday, so it was a pretty regular day. Benji went to work, Jordan went to school, I babysat. I knew we were going to have a huge birthday party for her that weekend, so I wasn't too worried. Here is a picture at dinner after Benji got home. It wasn't even a cool birthday dinner because we went out to eat the night before. Benji is having leftovers and Sam and Jordan had pb&js. Oh well, there were party hats. When I noticed everyone just looked kind of happy to be there in this picture I made them all act super excited....

And that's why I love Sam.

I did make cupcakes.

Hannah was not interested in all. Maybe because I had been sneaking her goodies for a few months. She did not even want to eat it. She just lazily poked it.

Then I made her taste it.

Still nothing.

She was so bored we were able to take a group photo.

Then we opened presents. Here is her reaction to seeing her first gift.

Then the boys gave her a gift.

She loved it!

My favorite was watching her watch Benji open it. She was so excited.

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