Thursday, February 28, 2013

I turned 29

 It was my birthday last Monday and I was lucky enough to have Benji home the whole day. I wanted a picture with my favorite little people ever, but they weren't feeling it.

 I relaxed all morning and then Benji and I went out to eat for lunch at the Olive Garden.

Later that night I told the boys that I wanted to get mini cupcakes or a pie for my birthday cake, but they did not think that was appropriate. Birthdays are supposed to have cakes. So even though I don't like cake and Benji is on a no sugar diet I went and got myself a birthday cake.....for the kids. Since I had to pick it out, I decided to have them write something awesome on the cake. This was fun to tell the baker while keeping a straight face! :)

It was a great birthday. Here's to the last year in my 20s! Whew, that makes my head hurt!


Kelsey said...

I love the little kid-esk picture of you smiling and your glowing candles. AWW. I'm glad you had a good birthday.

Oh, and your cake is AWESOME!

Mogie said...

Hey, I hope everybody remembered your Birthday and at least gave you a call?