Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow, snow, snow

So we have a lot of snow at our house. We had two huge storms that dumped a ton of snow. Benji had to stay at work twice so he didn't have to have a miserable drive home just to sleep and do it again in the morning. He has a TV and a couch at his work so it's not too bad.

The great thing about the storm is that it cleared up the nasty inversion. The morning after the first storm I couldn't help myself and I had to go take pictures of something I hadn't seen for weeks......the sky!!!!

And sunshine!

Jordan didn't have school on Friday so we all bundled up and went sledding at the park. We got a few fun pictures before we headed out.

And isn't she the cutest little bundled baby ever!?

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Kelsey said...

First, I can't believe your front yard! Second, I LOVE the picture of you all throwing snow. SO CUTE!