Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly gooses

 I have this set of Shakespeare books that my kids think are blocks. They have been stacked and knocked down so many times that some of them are looking a little shabby, but look how amazing this tower is. I just can't be mad when they are brilliant genius children. :)

Then I let him knock it down because I'm way super cool and nice.

I told Sam that he needed to dress himself yesterday so he showed me by putting his pants on his head and his shirt on his legs. He was laughing so hard.

When Hannah woke up from her nap yesterday she was in such a silly mood. I went to take pictures of her, but then she closed her eyes on purpose.

I also got a good shot of her new canine that popped up yesterday.

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Kelsey said...

First, that tower is IMPRESSIVE! Second, Sam dressing himself is HILARIOUS! Third, Hannah is ADORABLE!