Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

 We had an awesome Valentine's Day this year. No helicopters. No hospitals. No near death experiences. Nice and drama free. We started the day out with giving gifts to our kids. We never have done that before, but Valentine's Day is like Hannah's second birthday. So it's like we had to. We had no choice. :)
The boys each got a ninja turtle and Hannah got a stuffed pug and they all got a box of chocolates. All I can say is they have a very nice dad.
I made red pancakes, heart shaped melon and strawberries for breakfast.

This picture makes me laugh so hard because I told Sam to look at the camera, but he was having such a hard time looking at me when he had a new toy right next to him.

She loved her new chocolates.

For lunch they had heart shaped ham, heart shaped cheese, strawberries and pink yogurt.

Sam thought he was adorable.

We made pink cupcakes after lunch and I had a very special helper. She's also very cute.

The boys loved decorating the cupcakes.

Sam looked so cute all smeared with frosting.

Here's Sam's finished work.

And Jordan's. He lovvvvved the sprinkles.

She loved the frosting.

We are so blessed. I LOVE my family!!

This is what Hannah does when I pull out the camera.

But I lucked out and eventually got a pretty good one. She loves that pug.

Hope you all had a wonderful, drama free, healthy Valentine's Day as well!!!

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Kelsey said...

First. These pictures are all SOOOOO awesome! But the one of Sam staring down his toy is hilarious! And the cheese on the face. haha.