Monday, February 11, 2013

Random pics from Benji's phone

 One day we went to work with Benji so Sam could get his teeth cleaned.

Then Benji and I went to a Jazz game after.

Benji took Sam on a turn out to look at bunnies.

Then they went to the temple for pictures. This one is my favorite.

Jordan built more awesome domino towers and then knocked them down.

She tried to eat a marker.

In December Sam and Jordan were playing in the toy room. There was a picture frame in the closet that they got out and it broke on the floor. It somehow cut Sam's finger so he had to go get it glued at the doctor's office. He is still convinced that Jordan threw the glass at him.

He said his hand felt better with this sock on it.

Koji tried to be beautiful. 

Benji took the kids to Burger King one day to eat and play. (I'm pretty sure I was cleaning the house because we were showing it)

Benji was taking this cute picture of the boys and Hannah took the opportunity to swipe some of Sam's food. Benji didn't even notice this until he was putting this picture on Instagram later. Silly Hannah.

That's all for now! :)


Kelsey said...

I just died when I got to; Hannah tried to eat a marker. Oh my gosh. hahaha

Kelsey said...

Oh and you look really cute in the jazz game picture!