Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The husband tag

I stole this idea from my friend Mardi. I thought it was cute. I don't think I talk about Benji enough on my blog so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

1. Where did you meet? Utah State University. My roommate had a class with him, and really wanted to set us up on a date. My intramural football team was playing in the championship game, so I called and invited him, and he showed up! I didn't even know him yet! What a nice guy.2. How long did you date before you were married? We dated for one year and four months. That includes the engagement.

3. How long have you been married? 2 years and 7 months

4. What does he do that surprises you? He can always make me laugh. He is very witty, and always says funny things that catch me off guard. He's the funniest person I know.

5. What's your favorite feature about him? His green eyes.

6. What's your favorite quality about him? His priorities are in the right place. The gospel and family are most important to him. He actually wanted to become a dentist so he would have more time to spend with his family.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? What is it? Moe. (it's a long story, but that's also my nickname for him)

8. What is his favorite color? glow-in-the-dark

9. What is his favorite food? Pazookies10. What is his favorite sport? Probably basketball.

11. Who said I Love You first? He did. There is this website where everyday is a holiday. We went to the website to see what holiday was on the next day. It was "Whisper, I love you day." The next day he whispered I love you! (I whispered it back.)

12. When and where was your first kiss? We had been dating for 2 or 3 weeks. We were at his apartment. We had just watched a movie from the dollar store called, Die Sister Die. Pretty dang romantic! :)

13. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Go to sporting events, watch sports on TV, or go to the park and play sports. We love sports.

14. Do you have kids? Jordan. You may have read about him on my blog.

15. What is a hidden talent he has? He can sleep through anything!

16. How old is he? 27...that seriously took me a long time. I will admit, I forgot.

17. Whats his favorite type of music? alternative, but really anything that is catchy.

18. What do you admire most about him? He is so intelligent. He can study for an hour or two and do well on a test. I am completely opposite, I'm so bad at taking tests! I hope our kids take after him.

19. What is his favorite past time? Spending time with his family, fishing, or playing video games.

20. Do you think he is going to read this? Yeah, he always reads my blog. Mostly because every time he gets home from school I announce, "I BLOGGED!"

I love you honey! You are the best! Thanks for all you do for our family!


Mardi and Jeremey said...

Your husband sounds hilarious. I love that he came and watched you football game. I bet that is the moment he fell in love. You do throw a nice spiral!

Oh and I want to know how to find the holiday website. That would be a good post.

Stephanie and Bret said...

I am glad that you married Benji, he is so funny.

Benji said...

I'm the V.I.P.!

mardi and jeremy- got to 123greetings.com

Almost every day is something special

Camille and Paul said...

Yay for Benji! Brigham City knows how to make the best men! It is just too hilarious that we both married tall, dark, and handsome men from Brigham! :)
I am glad you married Benji too.