Saturday, October 25, 2008

My little monkey

We just got back from our ward's trunk-or-treat party. Jordan surprisingly stayed in his costume the entire time even though he was so hot. I think he loved being a monkey, and being like the other big kids in costumes. Benji and I had fun being palm trees. I'm happy our costumes worked out because it was a little stressful trying to figure out how to get everything to fit together. I have to give major props to Benji for helping me get the costumes put together on time, and coming up with brilliant ideas on how to get it to everything work! What a guy!

Jordan loves Buzz lightyear! He was excited to find him at the party!


Stephanie and Bret said...

I love your costumes! Jordan is so freaking cute!

Julie said...

You are so creative - I love the palm trees! Jordan is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing pic's. (I have a couple of sick kids, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging at this hour.) Have a good Sunday.


Steph said...

Holy Smokes! You guys are freaky creative. LOVE the palm trees and monkey.