Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jordan's joke

While I'm changing Jordan's diaper I have to distract him by having him point out things in the room. Here's our conversation:

Me: Jordan where is your potty? (Jordan points)
me: Can you say potty?
Jordan: basketball (starts giggling a little)
me: you're silly, it's not basketball, can you say potty?
Jordan: Potty ball

Then he started laughing and laughing and soon he was chanting, "Potty ball." He thought he said the funniest joke ever.


Stephanie and Bret said...

I agree it is a pretty funny joke! Pottyball

Christy said...

That is pretty funny. I think the funniest part is that he knows he is funny

Stephanie and Bret said...

I am still laughing

Ashley said...

I love it. Potty ball. That is even more funny than the horse-butterfly on your husband's blog...you two! What a pair.