Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I love Jordan this week

I've had a pretty busy week and didn't blog for most of it. So, I thought I would recap my week by listing new things that Jordan has done this week that I love.

1. When I change his diaper he waves to it and says, "Buh-Bye, Poo-poo."
2. When he hears a toilet flush he runs to wave and say the same thing.
3. He started saying Disneyland ("Ni nee") and he thinks he's so funny when he says it, he laughs and laughs.
4. When we were at Disneyland I asked Benji if he wanted to go on Pirates, and Jordan pointed to the skull and crossbones on Benji's shirt.
5. He really loves the rides at Disneyland now. While we were on Pirates and were coming up on the second drop (or as Jordan calls them, waterfalls) Jordan started saying, "yeah! yeah, yeah, yeah!"
6. He's been folding his arms for prayers for awhile, but last night he made it half the prayer with his eyes closed, and the whole thing without talking.
7. In church the Primary kids were practicing for the Primary program. Every time a child would get up to say their speaking part Jordan would fold his arms and bow his head.
8. He takes three hour naps, which is nice because so do I.
9. He randomly slept in until 9:00 one morning. Of course, it also happened to be the morning I woke up at 6 am and couldn't go back to sleep. It still was nice because I got to take a relaxing bath and read a great book (the same book that Jordan happened to throw into the bath later that day, that doesn't count for a reason why I love him this week).
10. He planted tons of kisses on me at Disneyland. I love Jordan kisses.
11. He's now old enough for nursery, but not old enough to know when you go to a Trunk-or-Treat party you are supposed to get candy.
12. Lately when we go run errands he knows where we are as we pull up. He will say one word that reminds him of the place we are. When we pull up to Jonas' house he says basketball. When we pull up to the grocery store he says balloon (he gets a free one every time we go). When we go to Target he says cookie. (He got a cookie once from the food counter they have there, and I guess he never forgot about it!) When we pull on to our street he says choo-choo.
13. He picks out the shopping cart he wants at the store. As we walk in he will point to one and say, "there!" (which sound like, "Day-Oh") Sometimes we pass many carts before he picks out the one.
14. Benji has sang the Trogdor song to Jordan since he was a baby. Last night Jordan tried to sing along.
15. He stayed in his Halloween costume the entire party.
16. He will let me know when he's ready for a nap by telling me he wants a blankie and water.
17. Jordan wanted to pick up and play with an earwig, but was afraid of a butterfly.
18. He wouldn't eat his strawberries until he got sprinkles (sugar) on them.
19. He calls all pumpkins waterfalls now.
20. He called the braid in my hair a waterfall.
21. He doesn't talk about politics, the economy or Wall Street.


Stephanie and Bret said...

Jordan is so cute...I can't wait for Hadfield Beta to come along!

Ashley said...

I love the Trogdor song...and you guys were smashing last night.

Jessica Hadfield said...

Each time I visit the store and need a cart now, I look them over and hear "day-oh" in my head. that is adorable.