Thursday, July 7, 2011

20 weeks

I am officially half way done with being pregnant. I'm so excited I'm getting closer to my due date, but also very nervous. I went to the store today and after trying to chase down both of my kids while making decisions on things to buy I concluded I'm not so sure I can handle three. I hope admitting this makes it easier when there are actually three children for me to care for. Hoping.

On July 4th I was officially 20 weeks, here is my belly picture:

Today I had my 20 week ultra-sound. I loved seeing her sweet face and getting another confirmation that she is indeed a female.

She was not shy at first and I'm happy we got a few pictures of her face because at the end she put her hands in front of her face and would not move them. I'm not sure if she really will have Angelina Jolie lips, but they looked very big in the ultra-sound. Guess we'll see!

I love her already and can't wait to put her in little outfits with ruffles on the bum.


Kristin said...

You have the cutest belly ever!

Mindy said...

You are one cute mama!!! I want to look that good in regular life, let alone when 20 weeks with child! And bebe fetus is cute too! Feel free to name her Mindy. ;)

kelseyluella said...

WOW!!! That's a baby in there! That's crazy to see her like that. haha