Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tracy Aviary

We have been doing a lot of fun things lately, but my problem is I take waaaaaay too many pictures when we go do something. I also have a problem with editing them down for blog posts, so my posts are a mile long usually. So here I am with my third picture heavy-post in a row, but what the heck, I love the pictures and it's my blog, so whatever, you'll have to deal with it! :)

Well, once again we went to Bountiful with Benji in the morning. We spent the morning at Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake, or as my boys call it, the bird zoo. It was so much fun and my boys enjoyed everything about it.

Jordan thought these birds were so funny, he said they were all girls. (Because of the eyelashes!)

Jordan also loved these guys. He said they were handsome. (Because of their styled hair.)

The flamingos were Sam's favorite. He still will imitate them by standing on one foot.

They also loved this splashy duck.

This swan started shaking his head just as I was snapping a picture of him.

They had a cute little sand pit with different things that you could dig with that had to do with birds. These are shovels shaped like pelican beaks.

The aviary has a special owl exhibit right now that the boys loved. I felt bad that I couldn't lift Jordan up so he could look in the owl shaped binoculars, but he found a way to do it himself!

They loved sticking their heads in these cutouts to look like birds, but they didn't quite understand and would stick their whole head in not just their faces.

I adore Sam's face in this picture.

Tracy Aviary is in Liberty park so we went and played on a playground when we were done with the birds.

It really is a gorgeous park!

Then we went and picked Benji up from work and went to my family's cabin in Fairview to celebrate the 24th of July. I'll add those pictures later.

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