Monday, July 25, 2011

Penguins, wild cats, giraffes, and jerseys

Jordan loves penguins right now. I know this is because of his dear pillow pet, Noodles, and I think it's adorable. Well, we decided to take a family outing to the zoo to see some animals and hopefully some penguins, so I googled to find out whether the zoo had penguins and was informed that they most surely do. We were debating on going to the zoo for our outing or the new aquarium, but since the Hogle Zoo had penguins we thought we should go there because then Sam would be able to see the elephants (the animal he really wanted to see). We packed up, headed out, found a parking spot a mile away, paid for our tickets, made it in the zoo, got a map and found out they moved the penguins to the aquarium last year. Thanks google.

We still had an enjoyable afternoon and promised Jordan we would make it to the aquarium soon. (promise still pending....)

I have a million pictures (as usual), so we best get to it. Go ahead and skip all of this text and view the pictures. (I know you already did, you don't have to deny it.)

Sam loved the elephants and was excited to see the mama elephant. I was more excited to see the baby, but he was hiding most of the time.

Why can't my dry skin and stretch marked legs look this adorable??

The zoo was doing a "Zoorasic Park" display, so there were dinosaurs all over the zoo. They moved and made noise, and generally just scared my kids.

I was taking pictures of this guy because I loved how long his arms are, then out of no where he jumped just as I was taking a picture.

I love sloths.

My boys loved these guys.

And Sam LOVED this wild cat, which looks just like a domesticated house cat. He sat here for a long time.

And I don't know what's going on here! hahaha

By the way, when I went to dress my boys that morning they informed me that it was "jersey day" so they picked out the jerseys and basketball shorts they wanted to wear!

Giraffes are my favorite animal to see at the zoo.

This orangutang was so cute and charming, until he decided to throw up, eat it and then barf again.

Someone should tell Sam you don't stick your head in the mouth of anything with sharp teeth.

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