Thursday, July 28, 2011

Temple square, read-a-thon and the cabin

Benji and I had a wonderful weekend alone a few weekends ago thanks to my mom who watched my boys while Benji and went to our family cabin. We headed to work with Benji on Friday and while he was working we went to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My boys loved being in downtown and looking at the tall buildings, Jordan asked me if we were in Chicago. :) We spent a few peaceful hours walking around the temple grounds, visiting with the sister missionaries, looking around the visitors center and then going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

My boys loved how many "waterfalls" were around Temple Square.

I was able to sneak a few great pictures of them. Believe it or not, most of these aren't posed. I think my boys are so used to the camera now they just pose and walk around smiling.

He just kept getting cheesier and cheesier....

This picture was posed, but they weren't really cooperating...
...this is what they started doing in the picture.

The Book of Mormon in all the different languages.

There was a big group of missionaries touring Temple Square and they loved my boys. Jordan and Sam had their pictures taken with so many of them!! :)

Looking at Salt Lake from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building.

Seriously, the JS memorial building is gorgeous.

More waterfalls.

The first ride on the elevator. They don't have elevators like this in Brigham City! :)

We then went back to Bountiful to have lunch with Dr. Hadfield. The boys and I had a few hours after lunch so we went to a park and had a read-a-thon. It felt good in the shade.

Then when Benji got off work we took our boys to my mom's house and headed to the cabin. We saw this gorgeous sunset on our way.

The next day I slept in until 11:00!! I don't remember the last time that happened. Then we went for a drive in the canyon and Benji went fishing for a little while.

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Julie said...

There are soooo many good photos in this post. I love them all. I can't believe how much energy you have. I don't get it :)