Monday, December 5, 2011

The hospital stay

I loved my hospital stay! Brigham City hospital has been by far the best hospital I have ever had a child in (and I've now stayed in 3 different hospitals). In fact, I started referring to it as a hotel, on accident. The nurses were all very nice, the food the great, AND they had a nursery, I've never stayed at a hospital that would take my baby at was wonderful! After surgery and recovery I was wheeled back to my room where I was able to hold Hannah and, more importantly, EAT DINNER! (Totally kidding, I was WAY more excited to hold my newborn!)

Sam and Jordan brought Hannah a birthday present. (Jordan insisted on holding the bear upside down. I don't know why.)

Sam showed Hannah how the hippo rattle worked.

The boys got to hold their sister for the first time. (Sam is saying, "She's tickling me!!")

This picture was taken the next day....Hannah was getting a little fussy because she was hungry and I love how concerned Sam looks.

We tried to get a picture of all four of us, but Sam kept sticking his tongue out in the pictures.

And they couldn't stop looking at their new sister, it was fun to introduce them to her.

Sam REALLY wanted to give her a pacifier, but she didn't want to take it. I love how they both have their mouths open.

My boys loved when we took Hannah for a walk around the hospital.

I had a few visitors while I was in the hospital. My mom and little sister.

My dad.

I was sad I didn't get pictures of my in-laws with Hannah, but they visited too.

So right after surgery, I'm still hooked up to an IV, catheter, heart rate monitor and probably something else, all I know is there are cords and tubes everywhere. It's also hard to sit up and move so for awhile this is the view I have of my babies....

But soon all of the medical mumbo jumbo is taken away and I can then move around the room, which usually results in a million pictures of my baby.

Every little thing they do for the first time is so funny and cute that you have to get a picture. For example when she slept with her arms in the air...

or grabbed her binky
or squawked at me because she was hungry...

Or folded her hands in her sleep

I also took a million pictures of her tiny tiny toes

Then on the 3rd day she had a few moments when her eyes were open and picture taking mayhem ensued.

My room had a dvd player in it, so every night Benji would come after work and we'd hang out and watch movies.

Then my hotel vacation came to an end and it was time to go home. My mother and father-in-law and Jordan and Sam came to pick me up.

This was a picture of me and Hannah on our way out, but I HATED the picture of me, so I cropped it because Hannah is always cute.

Oh, and here is the cute picture that the hospital took of her and gave me as a gift.

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