Friday, December 9, 2011

One more of Hannah

 After this post, I will have completely caught up on all the pictures I have of Hannah. That doesn't mean there won't be more posts of her, because I'm sure there will be a lot, but I won't be posting 5 times a day. I can't even believe that next week she will be a month old!! It's so sad how fast they change from newborn, to baby, but it's fun too. I'm so looking forward to smiles and coos and laughter. I always have to tell myself that even though it's hard to see children get older it's also so fun to watch them grow up and do new things and learn new things. What a privilege it is to be part of that!

Here is Hannah all snuggled in her carseat. Oh, so cuddly.

I love the tongue sticking out!

Seriously, check out those squishable cheeks!

I was trying to get a picture of her cheeks and crazy hair. Haha

I love how babies look swaddled, I put her down to go get my camera and then I loved how tiny she looked on the love seat. Sam told me she looked like a noodle.

There was one day she was making so many funny faces (I think she was pooping!! haha) I wish this was in focus because this makes me laugh.

These next pictures were a test. I wanted to see if that basket would be fun for a photo shoot, but it was night and I didn't have good lighting, so I set up some pictures so I could recreate them the next day. She wasn't very happy because she was so hungry.

And then she just got mad at me. I really like this picture. I wish it was more focused on her face. I'll have to recreate this photo shoot when I have good lighting.

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Benji said...

The veil is still thin for her and she remembers what happened to Moses.