Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hannah's first week

Hannah's first week home was spent resting, changing diapers, feeding a hungry newborn and taking a million pictures. I couldn't help it, she was so new and precious and cute, and everything she did was adorable.

My boys loved having me home and loved getting to know their sister a little better.
I felt a little guilty when one night I could hear fake crying coming from the boys room, when I went to check on them Sam told me, "my bunny is sad because his mom is at the hospital."

So these pictures aren't in any particular order, and I'm too lazy to move them around to make sense. So I'm going to leave them how they uploaded and caption them....or not caption them, it's just a lot of pictures of Hannah, no explanation needed.

This is her hungry face, I LOVE hungry face.

These jammies are 0-3 months size and I loved how big they were on her. They made her look like a box.

You gotta love a full, happy and zonked out baby.

Her first bath was fun, the boys helped me wash her hair.

This was the first time I used the flash on my camera, it kind of freaked her out.

Sam and Jordan loved to hold her every time they got the chance. It didn't happen too often because they were both sick, but once in awhile I would let them.

It's kind of funny that Jordan and Sam have the same sized feet.

Ruffle bum...

I love when I would change her and she would flex her legs so they would stick out straight.

Notice Jordan and Sam's hair? I sort of neglected them the first week, but they are dressed, you gotta give me that.

Sam likes to share random things with her. Here is a button on her head. I've found toys, socks and papers on her head too.


Kristin said...

She is so precious! I'm glad your boys adore her like they do. Thanks for posting!

Bob said...

I love love love the pictures - and Hannah (OF COURSE!)