Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sam has been giving his animals and toys some great names lately. I'm impressed with how fast he can come up with a new and original name. He also remembers the name he gives each toy. Here are some of my favorites.


Rain Puddle



Brown Bear
Sicky Sick

It's not just Sam though. Jordan is pretty good at giving names as well. Benji bought Jordan these dolphins (yeah, I know they are fish, but Jordan calls them dolphins), and when Benji asked what their names were Jordan immediately said, "Finny, Squirt and Red Bird." He didn't even think about it!
(Finny is MIA, he is a yellow dolphin)

Those aren't even the best ones though. Jordan's angry birds have names.
They are Roofs and Phone-computer.

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Jessica C. said...

Do you think that Sams names are representative of other names he's heard? Beebow sounds a lot like Tebow?