Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 2

January 22nd-28th

After I accidentally said dinner instead of breakfast Jordan said, "That's okay, some people call it dinner. Farmers do."

Sam pretended to be a bird one morning and made a fabulous bird tail by tucking pajama pants into his diaper. He told me, "I need to be naked because I want to be a bird."

Jordan asked to watch blimps for the first time in months. This happened just days after he said the last thing he will ever like is angry birds.

One morning I asked Sam what he wanted to do that day. He responded with, "I want to get a truck and pour concrete."

Sam loves to pretend like he's is something other than Sam. His favorites are a bunny, dragon or dump truck. I know what he's pretending to be at the moment because he will announce each thing he is doing like this, "I a bunny that likes to drink water." "I a dragon that is flying." "I a bird that is sleeping in his nest." One day, while he was pretending to be a dump truck he said, "I a dump truck that's dumping dirt. I a dump truck that is really fast." *he starts running and then falls in the hallway. "I a dump truck that is okay!"

Sam had a rough night of sleep the other night. He woke up at least five times, but those are just the times I heard him and went to calm him down. Each time he woke up he was screaming at Jordan because he thought Jordan took something from him. Each time he woke up it was a different item that made him mad. I wish I could remember them all because they were all kind of funny. The only ones I remember are marshmallows and Woody (from Toy Story). I guess it's funny to have to calm down a screaming kid over marshmallows in the middle of the night. Also, we do not own a Woody toy.

I was putting Sam's shoes on the other day when he started sniffing me and said, "you smell like poison."

I made an awesome car track out of masking tape in our front room today (thanks Pinterest!). My boys loved it, seriously, they played with it all day. Jordan stopped playing for a minute to ask, "Mom, did you find this fun activity online?" I guess all of my fun ideas come from there.
We even added an airport runway.

I was making sandwiches for my boys one afternoon and as I was putting mustard on the sandwich the bottle made a toot sound. Sam gasped and then said, "the mustard is not polite."

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Julie said...

Man, these are hilarious. That's a lot of good material in a short amount of time. The car track is a GREAT idea.