Thursday, January 26, 2012

My funny kids week #1

These are just a few funny things my boys said last week. Since I wasn't keeping track and writing things down these are just the ones that I remember. (Also, I have no idea what to title these posts.)

We were getting ready to go somewhere and I told Jordan it was time to put a coat on. He said, "I don't want to wear a coat. Being cold is my most favorite thing in the whole world."

I've been exercising three times a week at a church in town. There are a bunch of women that all meet together and we do aerobics and strength training. It is fabulous! It's free and my kids happily run around the nursery and stage. There is a little girl that comes with her mom and I think Jordan has a little crush on her. One day I asked her what her name was. She told me Hallie, and Jordan said, "that's a very pretty name!" Later that day we were sitting at our table eating lunch when Jordan said, "I like Hallie, she always knows things about Jesus." I hope he always likes girls like that. I approve!

Sam wakes up every night yelling about something he thinks someone took from him. Seriously, every night. He will scream that someone took his train, or bunny, or blocks. Usually he thinks Jordan took these things from him, and to get him to go back to bed I just have to go in his room and say, "it's okay, I found it." or "we'll look for it in the morning." One night he woke up yelling, "I want my friends!! I want my friends!" I didn't know what friends he was referring to and if I brought him the wrong "friend" that would have ended up being a bigger disaster. So I told him not to worry about it. But he woke up four or five more times that night yelling about his friends. In the morning, Sam was genuinely mad at Benji because according to him, "dad was holding my friends in his hand, and wouldn't give them back." I had to try to explain that it was a dream, but I don't think he believed me.

Jordan is so excited for his birthday and is already planning his party. I bet you can guess that he wants an angry bird party this year. Well, he was explaining that he wants an angry bird party when he turns 5, 6 and 7. I told him that we'll wait and see because he might like something else when he turns 6 and 7. He told me, "no, angry birds are the last thing I will ever like."

I walked into our storage room the other day and found this:
He told me not to be mad because he was "feeding the dog." I guess the flour was dog food. I went and got my camera and took a picture without him seeing the camera because I didn't want him to think this was okay. I think I need to find a better place to store my flour because this isn't the first time my kids have played in it!

 Hannah has razor sharp nails that grow at super human speeds. She was scratching her face so much that I had to pull out her newborn mittens again and she started wearing them 24/7. I never took them off. Then one night I forgot to put them on after her bath, and of course she woke up like this:
She thought it was funny.

Also, she's really chubby (and oh, so squishable!)

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