Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The day Hannah had funny hair

I gave Hannah a bath the other morning and her hair dried in a crazy curly mess on the top of her head, it looked so cute that I tried doing a little photo shoot with all my kids, but then Jordan told me he forgot how to smile and ended up looking like this in every picture:

Then once we figured out how to smile, this picture happened. And even though it's funny, it wasn't what I was going for.

So I tried to get a picture of just Hannah, but she wasn't too excited about it, this was the closest thing to a smile I could get.

Then Sam told me he wanted to take a picture with Hannah. But he had just eaten a candy cane and couldn't smile because he had it stuck in his teeth and then the photo shoot slowly turned into this:

 Neither one of them was into it anymore.

Then I thought, with the cute amount of volume that was in Hannah's hair I needed to put a bow or flower in it. This picture turned out okay, but her shirt was kind of distracting and I didn't really like how it looked with the bow.

So I put her on her tummy, but she just wanted to try and eat the blanket.

And was getting mad that she couldn't lift her head all the way up.

So, Hannah's hair inspired me to take 400 pictures that didn't turn out anything like I wanted them to. Oh well. :)

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kelseyluella said...

she is HUGE melissa! HUUUGE!