Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Hannah has been super smiley lately. She is especially smiley in the morning or right after a long nap. It's hard to capture pictures because my camera weighs five pounds and I can't hold it to the side of my face while I try to get her to look at me. So these pictures were taken with our video camera. Her chubby cheeks melt my heart!

This is her slightly amused smile.

Okay, she's not smiling in this picture, I just love how she looks in her sleeping bag.

And finally....a video of her smiling, don't mind my loud baby talk voice.

And yes, I click my tongue at my baby like she's a puppy

AND, she does roll off a pillow in this video, but as you will see she's just fine after I prop her back up.


Julie said...

So adorable. So jealous.

Mindy said...

Don't worry, I click at all the small children I see too. Right after I bark at them. ;)