Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gateway Children's museum

During Benji's vacation last week we went to the Discovery Gateway children's museum. My boys had so much fun there and could have stayed all day if we let them. Most of my pictures are of Sam because I had to stay right by him the whole time because he was having a hard time sharing, he would scream at anyone that came within 2 feet of him. I know two year olds have a hard time sharing, but I think Sam takes it a step further. He's kind of mean.

Anyway, it was fun to watch my kids explore and play and use their imagination. It was also fun to watch the different types of parents while we were playing. There were the hovering type that told their kids what to do, how to play and how to use each toy, there were the ones that sat back and observed, the ones who were on vacation--played on their phones while their kids ran wild, and then the OCD parents who could not stand the mess. They could be found in the pretend grocery store restocking the merchandise, and always making sure everything was in it's proper place. One OCD mommy maybe cleaned up Sam's toys as he was in the middle of playing with them...twice. It was the one time I didn't intervene while he screamed.

She just slept in the stroller for most of the time.

Sam took all of the chickens out of the chicken coop , lined them up and then fed them eggs and carrots.

Sam went to the grocery store, and then brought food home and set it out on the "table" for dinner.

That one is for me.

Sam decided since he loved shopping so much, he might as well work at the grocery store.

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