Saturday, February 4, 2012

week 3

January 29-February 4

I walked in Sam's room one morning to get a diaper and lo and behold he had covered the entire bed with them. When I asked him why he put all the diapers on the bed he said, "the bed was a cake." So I'm assuming that means the diapers were supposed to be frosting. He helped me pick it up, but I don't think he learned a lesson because I was thoroughly amused by the whole thing and laughed the whole time. It looked a little like this, but there were more...

Sam had a pretty good week of sleep. I was planning on writing down everything he said when he woke up in the middle of the night. It only happened twice this week. One night he was screaming at Jordan for taking all the oranges. The other night he woke up screaming, "I just need 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!" I found out in the morning that's how many books he wanted me to read.

We had a fun Groundhog day, but Sam could not and still CANNOT say the word groundhog. I wrote down every variation he would say, it only ended up being four: Gram-pub, Gram-pob, Grown-hob, or Grown-pub. It's simply adorable in every way. (Also, I had to wikipedia Groundhog Day because I couldn't commit on whether I should call it Groundhog day or Groundhog's day. Wikipedia says Groundhog day, I trust Wikipedia with my life...99.9% of the time.)

Sam loves to watch me cook. He'll drag a chair over and stand on it to watch everything I'm doing. It's been fun bonding time for the two of us as I can ask him things without him being distracted with toys and other things. Anyway, he told me this story one night, "Mom, I will run to my room crying and I will cry on my bed and you will come in and tell me, (now in a high pitched voice) 'it's okay Sam, it's just the onions.'" The thing that makes it funnier is that I wasn't even chopping onions that night!

I asked Sam to get a diaper out of his closet one day, he gasped, "Oh! My closet is so very special to me!!" And then walked away. I think he thought that would get him out of helping me out.

When we went bowling Jordan rolled the ball and got a split, he had gotten one earlier in the game so he knew what it was called, but forgot a little bit when he yelled, "Oh! I got a banana split!"

We ate lunch at Rumbi Grill today and Sam successfully used chopsticks. To express how grown up he felt he said, "I'm going to be a daddy when I grow up!"

Jordan was watching me make dinner one night and asked, "did that chicken ever walk?" I silently gulped and didn't know exactly how I should enter into this conversation. Jordan is a little fearful of death and I don't think he has ever thought of his food as something that used to be alive, so I simply said yes. He was not phased by this new knowledge at all so for some reason I felt like I needed to add something else. I told him that Heavenly Father put some animals on the earth for us to eat, and then, because I was clearly not prepared for this conversation, I added, "we're thankful that the chicken let us eat it, huh?" Jordan said, "I don't think he knew."

Sam yawned one afternoon and then said in a very sleepy voice, "I'm soooo tired!" I said, "let's go put you in bed so you can have a nap." Sam looked at me with the meanest scowl on his face and yelled, "But I'm not tired!!"

Jordan asked me what his angry bird birthday cake is going to look like. I told him it could be whatever he wanted. He said, "I just want it to have pigs on it, so we eat the pigs because they are naughty."

My dad was here one afternoon and we were talking about how sick I was when I was pregnant with Jordan. Jordan said, "I'm sorry mom! I didn't know I was doing it!!" I told him it was okay, that sometimes when a mom has a baby in her tummy it makes her sick so she throws up. Jordan got a concerned look on his face and asked, "does the baby come up too?" (Kind of gross, but so innocent and funny.)

Jordan: I want to sleep in a tutu.
Me: A tutu? Are you sure?
Jordan: It would be fun!
Me: (realizing what he really means) Do you mean teepee?
Jordan: Oh yeah! A teepee.

Sam came in the front room so proud of himself one morning for putting one of Jordan's shirts on like pants. In case you wanted to know, it does not cover his all.


kelseyluella said...

hahaha. I love these posts. And that cheesy smile on sam's face!

Camille and Paul said...

Awesome post. I loved it. I need to write down more of the things Jackson is saying and gather them into a post like this. So cute.