Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhog Day

I love having kids because they make holidays 10 times more fun. Even little holidays like Groundhog day. Seriously, I don't even remember the last time I celebrated Groundhog day, probably when I was in 2nd grade, but yesterday we did! We started the day out with a groundhog scavenger hunt. Each clue taught us a little about groundhogs and then eventually lead my boys to some tasty treasure.
He found the first clue!
Listening to dad read a clue.
The clue led them to the scale in the downstairs bathroom, but they could not find it, I had to take a picture of Sam with the clue right in front of him! :)
Finally found it!
Running to the next clue.
Sam loved the clue left on his big bear.

They thought it was HILARIOUS that the clue was taped underneath the table.
Sam pretending to hibernate like a groundhog.
Almost there! Listening to the last clue.
They found the buried treasure!

Then later we had groundhog dessert.


Melissa said...
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Unknown said...
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Janene said...

What a fun way to celebrate Ground Hog Day! I love to see the smiles on my grandkids faces!

kelseyluella said...

wow. You are the coolest mom ever! Who thinks of this kind of stuff? I can't believe you! So stinkin cute!

Camille and Paul said...

What a fun idea. Please tell me what your doing for the next little holiday so I can be cool like you!