Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 4

Feb 5 - Feb 11

Sam put olives on his fingers, stood on a chair, put his hands in the air and announced, "Hello, I'm Captain olive pants!"

I bought the boys corn dogs one day from Sonic. They were fresh from the frier and so hot. I told them that they had to wait for their corn dogs because they needed to cool off. Sam started whining and crying and said, "But I want to burn my face off." Just imagine that being said in the saddest, whiniest voice. It was funny.
The only time Sam woke up in the middle of the night this week he cried, "I just want to sleep in 15 minutes!"

I walked in Jordan's room one day and found him sitting like this with a huge smile on his face. It was just so random!

One day Sam yelled to me from the bathroom that he needed to be wiped. I turned the corner into the bathroom and he was doing this.

One night I was making something for dinner that Jordan wasn't excited about. He said, "can our house just be like a restaurant and I tell you what I want to eat." No sir!

Sam climbed in bed with me one morning. My back was turned toward him so I couldn't see what he was doing. I soon could feel what he was doing when he said, "I'm going to drink this now," then he tried to drink out of a cup while laying down. So he dumped water everywhere. Good-morning!

Jordan was having a hard time falling asleep one night. He kept coming downstairs to tell Benji and me something about angry birds. I told him to stop thinking about angry birds and go to sleep. He responded, "But mom, I'm always thinking about angry birds." I believe him!

Hannah normally wakes up in a very pleasant mood. One morning last week she woke up in a bad mood. She was crying and fussy and I did everything I could think of to calm her down. Finally I sat down on the couch and turned her around so she was facing me. She immediately lit up and started cooing nonstop for about 15 minutes. Then she stopped talking, ate and then fell asleep for her morning nap. She just wanted to chat for a little while!

We had a fun week last week because Benji didn't have to work. This week has been a lot less eventful and one day at dinner Jordan asked, "Why don't we do anything fun anymore?"

I know why Sam eats so much food when at lunch one day he said, "I'm going to pretend this food tastes like McDonalds."

I put Sam's hair in pig tails just to be funny. He laughed so hard when he saw his reflection in the mirror, then he got way excited and said, "I'm going to go make food because I look like a mommy!" Then he ran down to his toy room and played with his plastic food.

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