Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 5

February 12-18 

Okay, so not many funny things were said last week because we've been at the hospital since Tuesday, but here are the things I kept track of.

 One day I was cleaning a little pile of change off the floor when Sam came in the room and yelled, "Hey! That's my money! I bought it at the money store!"

 Later, when I was telling someone Sam's funny comment on the money store Jordan said, "well there is a dollar store."

 We went to Walmart one day and as we were pulling into the parking lot Sam exclaimed, Hey, this is where the carts live!"

 Sam came and told me one day, "I want to drive a train and be the pretender!" He meant conductor.

We were driving in the truck one day, and we were all quiet for a long time, then out of nowhere, Sam said in a very quiet and very sullen voice, "I wish we had a boat."

 Benji gave a talk in church last Sunday and during his talk Jordan held up his little angry bird as high as he could. Benji said from the stand he could see the angry bird looking at him above everyone else. Jordan was SO excited about it when Benji told him that after church.

 On Valentine's Day I was getting the boys dressed and told them they should wear red shirts since it's Valentine's Day. Jordan said, "I want to wear my angry bird shirt, because it's Valentine's Day and I love angry birds!"

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