Wednesday, March 28, 2012

week 10

March 18 - 24 

Benji's dad was telling us a few stories he shared in a talk in sacrament meeting at church. They were special stories about when he was called to be bishop. Just as he finished, Jordan immediately announces, "Now are we done!?"

When I keep track of these stories, I will usually log in to my blog and make a little note of what was said so I can remember it when come back later and write the full story. I don't remember exactly what was happening in this next story, I just know both boys were on a naughty streak all day, so Benji told them if they can't obey he will give the rocket they were building to boys that do obey. Jordan, being the thinker that he is, immediately pipes up with, "Sam obeys!" (knowing that if Sam got the rocket, he'd still be able to see the rocket launch.)

Me: "Jordan, did you know that Tuesday is the first day of Spring?"
Jordan: "NO! (hiding under the kitchen table) There are thunderstorms on the first day of spring!"

Benji was telling me what he wanted for his birthday. Jordan asked, "What about a lighter?" Jordan thinks when you get older you ask for things that only grown ups can play with.

One day we made our own little band. Jordan was playing a toy guitar, Sam was on piano and I was playing the drums. Jordan suddenly stopped and said, "Oh! We're the White Stripes!"

Benji was reading bed time stories to the boys one night and there was a pyramid in the story, Benji asked, "Do you guys know what a pyramid is?" Jordan said, "Yeah, we lived in one when I was two."
(He mixed up pyramid with apartment.)

There is a girl in our ward named Jordyn. Jordan was talking about how they have the same name, and I was thinking he would feel bad that a girl had the same name as him, so I was explaining how Jordan is a boys name, but some girls are named Jordan as well. I guess I don't have to worry about him feeling self conscious about that right now because all he said was, "Well, Jordan is a nice name."

We've been working on numbers 10-20 with Jordan. One day I said, "you have a 1 and a 2 on your shirt, what number is that?"  "Two-teen." 

We have a lot of construction going on around our house. One day a tractor was pushing dirt around for some reason and Sam was watching. It would be visible from our house for a second before it disappeared from our sight while pushing the dirt. After it did that for a few times, Sam said, "The tractor is playing peek-a-boo!"

Jordan is in a phase where he says "guess what" all the time. He was telling Benji how Sam and him were pretending that our house was a hotel and each part of the house was a different area of the hotel. Benji asked if the kitchen was the pool. Jordan said, "Guess what? No." He's even using "guess whats" in his answers.

Sam came up to me the other day with his cross eyes and asked, "why can't I see my eyes?"

I had just made lunch for the boys and started to nurse Hannah before I was going to get myself lunch. Sam walked in the front room where I was nursing Hannah and asked for more lunch. I told him first I had to finish feeding Hannah, then I was going to get something to eat. He looked at me with the most confused expression on his face and said, "but you can't feed yourself like you feed Hannah."

Benji's parents are in Ukraine for a few weeks teaching classes for the Leavitt Institute. Before they left we had one of Benji's former classmates over to their house for dinner because he went to Ukraine on his mission. Jordan and Sam are already friends with their kids and was surprised to see them at Nana and Grandpa's house. Jordan asked, "He's your grandpa too!!?"

Sam has an Iron Man action figure that says, "I am Iron Man" when you press a button on it. One day Sam was pushing the button and after Iron Man talked he would exclaim, "He is Iron Man!" So for about five minutes the other day I heard this:
"I am Iron Man!"
"He is Iron Man!"

"I am Iron Man!"
"He is Iron Man!"

"I am Iron Man!"
"He is Iron Man!"

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