Friday, March 27, 2015

Flying to Alaska

Benji had a meeting in Alaska to get is dental license the same time I had a blog conference. So, Benji flew to Alaska and then one week later (on my birthday) I flew with the kids. By myself.

Thank goodness I had a lot of help getting to the airport. We had eight huge luggages, 3 car seats, personal items and carryons for each person. It was a zoo. Benji's parents helped me load everything and get it checked in at the airport. There is no way I could have done that myself. I'm so glad they were there.

We got through security with no problems. They actually sent us through the line where you don't have to take off shoes. Hallelujah!! Then we waited to get on the plane.

Here are the boys' reactions during take off.

Then we had a short layover in Seattle.

Here we are on the shuttle. I tried to get a picture of my reflection because I was wearing three backpacks and holding my carryon and a purse. It was not fun, but since we were moving all of our belongings those backpacks were WAY too heavy for my kids. I probably had 75 pounds on my back.

Here we are waiting for our plane to Fairbanks!

We took up two rows on the plane, so I had to make sure my boys were all set before take off. They did great! They loved that I let them play Minecraft the whole time and they loved the free ginger ale.

We made it to Fairbanks. After gathering all our belongings we were the last ones off the plane.

Phew! We made it!

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