Friday, March 27, 2015

Our first week in Alaska

We moved here without a home to move into, so for our first week we lived in a hotel. This hotel is pretty cool though because it's on Santa Claus Lane. We can say we lived there once.

Benji wasn't supposed to start work right away, but the dentist he works for had an emergency appendectomy, so Benji started only a few days after moving.

 We had fun exploring our new home.

The hotel room looked like home with all the stuffed animals lined up in the window.

A few days after moving here we went and watched at the finish line of the Iron Dog. It is a snow machine race.

Then we ate at the Fudge Pot. Good chowder and sandwiches!

Life in a hotel was pretty fun for the kids. They loved the continental breakfast and running down the halls.

There were a few things to get used to. One of them is plugging vehicles in. It gets so cold here you have to plug in so your car stays warm.

 It was nice to have a kitchenette in the hotel room so we could actually eat homemade meals. Since we were on "vacation" though the kids got root beer at dinner. They thought that was pretty awesome. (not sure whats going on with Hannah's hair. Hat hair maybe?)

The kids slept soundly in the hotel.

It's fun to live in a place called North Pole. Some businesses stay Christmasy all year long. And why not!? I think I'm going to decorate for Christmas this year and never take the decorations down ;)

After a week of the hotel we found our house and moved in! This is where we will be renting for awhile. We are wanting to buy a house by the fall, but I love this house and wouldn't mind waiting to buy it. We'll see.

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Kelsey Deklerk said...

Buy it!? How long would you have to wait to buy it?