Friday, March 27, 2015

The first day of school

Here is Jordan on his first day of school

And here is Sam

I have to send them to school bundled up because they go out to recess when it is -20 degrees or warmer outside, so somedays they could be heading out into -18 degree weather.

This is the first time my boys have been able to ride the school bus and they are loving it! (so am I!) The first day we were almost late though! It's kind of mean that I love this picture. :)

Hannah loves that the boys ride the bus too because we get to go pick them up in the sled everyday.

The walk home was fun for the boys for the first week because we lived in this new winter wonderland and they loved the chance to throw snow and play.

 I sure love these kids.

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The Olsen Family said...

That is awesome that you guys are in Alaska. :)